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3*19*05 [20 Mar 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | YAY! shannon might come over=) ]

Friday-- Went to Great Skate Had A Lotta Fun! <33 Saw Nathan Shannon Heather Jeff Monica Sara Rachel Leah Justin Danielle Randi Desmond Mark Ashley G Crystal and a bunch more ppl

Saturday--<33 Went to the mall with sara Shannon Heather and Ashley G... We had the best time ever! espically when me shannon and heather tried on theose shits! i really liked the one that was peachy color it was HAWT! i liekd the green top shannon had on but i didnt get to see heathers =( we left at like 530 and i went over 2 saras and we chillend and went online! OMG ****** CAUSES SO MUCH DAMN DRAMA IT AINT EVEN FUNNY!

Today-- woke up at 1015 just layed around for 15 mins and then came online and talked to kelsey nad then went and called my beautiful <3 talked to her for a few then cleaned up the house and got ready for the day and now im waiting for shannon to come home to see if she can come over =Dwell im gonna go now..

I Love You ...<33 (and shannon)



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whatever </3 [16 Mar 2005|09:51pm]
[ mood | wow ive been happy lately!=) ]

yeah well nothing has happened in the last 2 days... we have a Vb game againt fraser tomorrow...of course were gonna loose but oh well i could care less...jeff might go =)!!YAY!

Im so confused about who i like and dont like its not even funny!!

i dont even think im gonan be updating for a while cause nothing funnnn ever happens in my life..=(




well im gonna go.. <3

Ashley Nichole <33

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The only people that can hurt you are the ones you love because if it wasn't love, you wouldn't care [14 Mar 2005|05:41pm]
[ mood | im so hyper!!!!! ]

hey whats up? nothing here bored n just chillen with sara =)today i woke up went to school and i left at 930 to go to the dentist =\i hate my new dentist its like a poor place lol..well i have no cavitys =D and yeah i have to go to the ortho=( dont want to get braces!! after the dentist my mom took me and my sis to MikeyD's oh yeah!! i love that plaace lol i went back to school at 12 when everyone was in lunch and yeah i didnt really want to go back to school but then again i did..idk but yeah mikey wasnt here today =(*tear* i didnt have no1 to talk to in my 5th hour since he wasnt here but i went and talked to sengy =) then in 6th hour i made lynda come sit by me and we did our review for the chapter..while me n lynda were talin paris came abnd sat by me =D shes awesome!..well yeah the wrestling meet got canceled so i came to saras after school and now were just here chillen listening to music and talking to ppl online so im outtie!

Leave A Comment <33

xOAshley_Nichole Ox

I Miss You...

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[13 Mar 2005|07:58pm]
[ mood | brr ]

well well well...i just got ungrounded... i hate being grounded!!! nothing has happened this week..

Friday--Went to school then pre-bowled..didnt go to practice YAY!! Lol then after that went home and got ready and went to this Lock In at my church it was fun.. at 10:30 we went skating stayed till 12 and on the way home i sat next to Josh..and we were messin around and i accidently gave him a bloody nose..oops lol he that it was awesome but it was effin gross!!! but when we got back to the chrurch i was with steph..we ran around and were goin crazy till they started playing games then i sat down cause i didnt want to play.. but yeah at like 6 i layed down till 615 and then got up and my eye was all red and was burning and i didnt know what was wrong with it.. but at 7 my dad was there to get me so i said bye to everyone and on the way home i was asleep and then my dad got doughnuts and yeah i wasnt in the mood for food..

Ssaturday-- Came home from church and went to sleep till 3 then called sara...then ifeel back asleep till 4 and sara called and wanted me to go over to codys with her so i did and then i went to her house for a few then my mom came and got us and we reted movies..we got The Shining and White Chicks... I LOVE THE SHINING!! lol but at like 130 we went to sleep cause we were tired as hell-o then we got up at like 11....

Sunday-- we got up and she was on the phone with cody for a few then we went out to breakfast..oh yeah were cool! lol when we got home she called cody back and i got in the shower and got ready for the day and then justin called n we talked to him for a few then sara left at 730and now im sitting here talkin 2 my love kayla..lol i love her so much!!

well gotta go..

love you all xO



I Want You So Bad...=(

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[06 Mar 2005|03:22am]
[ mood | *yawn* ]

Hey Whats Up?!

Well I re-did My LJ...tell me what you think?!

Thank You So Much Danielle For Puttin The Music In <3 luv ya!!

Ashley Nichole <3

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[06 Mar 2005|02:51am]
[ mood | YAY!! ]


=) YAY!!

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[05 Mar 2005|10:12am]
[ mood | =) wow ]

Hey whats up? nothing here.. im really pissed off bc my brother blew up my monitor on my computer and now we might have to get rid of the internet =( i didnt really do anything the rest of the week...

Thursday--went to scholl had a VB game at Anchor Bay North... there school is gay lol...well then i came home n ate and layed down cause i was really tired. i slept on the couch cause my mom didnt wake me up to get in bed but its okay =)

Friday--woke up went to school it was kinda boring but OMG sean was fuckin hyper as hell! he was jumpin around and screamin everywhere so i had to yell at him so that he would shut up! it was hilarious tho...after school i had VB practice it was actually fun =) then after practice sara came over and i folded clothes and then i hopped in te shower and got ready for skating then we went to saras to let her get her stuff for her contacts...we got there at like 8:30 and i saw alotta people....People i saw: Miranda Nathan Jeff Justin Amy A Kaitey Chris Sammy carina Darius Cody Heather Mark adn alot more but i forgot...i had a lot of fun! but the bad thing is 5 mins after i was there i had the worst headache alive! but yeah i got into my shoes at like 1145 while sara n cody were still skating... =) when i left jeff gave me a hug and then i gave nathan a hug and and and and yeah..=) ummm then i went to saras adn stayed the night i fell asleep at like 145 bc i was so tired!! Well Im gonna go

I Love You All <33

Leave a Comment If You Love Me <3 =)

Ashley Nichole =)


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not so hot!... kinda depressed </3 [02 Mar 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hey ppl whats up? nottalot here bored n kinda depressed..i hate how it used to be my name and is now hers =( geez i really hate my life..its all screwed up! well heres my wee so far...

Monday -- Went to school had our first home VB game..when i came home i went on the phone and yeah i was bored all that day nothing really happened =/

Tuesday -- We had a half day..we  went to all of our classes i hate when we have to do that! when i came home i went over to my grandmas and got something to eat and layed down about one nad fell asleep till 2-215 then my mom woke me up bc i had a VB game and i had to be at school.. came home from hte VB gam and did nothing finished up my HW and went to bed and i was crying again only about CERTAIN things.. but when i was gonna go to sleep my cousin called and i talked to her for a while and then me n her called my other cousin 3-way and we talked til 12:30.. i didnt want to wake up this morning!

Today -- umm woke up got to school late bc  i didnt want to wake up... umm i had swim so after swim we went ot lucnch and i had my hair down and it was all curley and i was standing up talkin 2 ruben =) and jessie liek whos that pretty new girl and i turned arouynd and shes like ASHLEY? i thought u were a new girl i was like wow its cause of may hair aint it and shes liek yeah... but it was funny!!! well after school went to VB we only had practice till 3:30 cause the wrestling team had a meet.. after practice me n shannon went to the meet bc her BF is on the team..i left early...she said they lost but only by 6...i came home and then at liek 5 i layed down and fell asleep till 6 mom woke me up and we went to grandmas and wheni got there it was 6:15 and iwent back to sleep till 745 then we came home


g2g comments


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I think I'll go anti-love for a while. Think about it, Hearts skipping beats can't be safe.. [27 Feb 2005|03:54pm]
[ mood | =) ]

I Just Dont Know </3!Collapse )

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[26 Feb 2005|04:32pm]
[ mood | i got 4 hours of sleep IMTIRED ]

Hey...Yeah so i gave him another chance and he cheated on me...no more with him says me my mom dad and him.. anyways i dont want to talk about him cause it makes me want to cry =\


My break was okay i guess...i loved all the parts when i saw all of my friends <3

Last night i had the best night of my life! Kayla Amy n Sara stayed the night...we took alot of pictures..ill put them in here when i know how lol...well we called a bunch of people..man her ex brandon sounds hottt!! lmao we stayed up and watched Maid In Madhatten? but yeah at liek 2 we came down stairs and talked and talked and talked lol we finally fell asleep at 7 at desiman woke us up at 10  but i hung up on him and we all went back to sleep till 1130 and i had to get up and go bowling =\ i sucked major balls!?!?!?! lol well now im here on the phone and pissed!!  im gonna go now love you all <3


Ashley Nichole  <3

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I Love To Smile, When I Get Your Phone Call At Night, But I Rather You Be Here With Me <3 [24 Feb 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | i feel fat..must work out ]

Hey Love <3

Sweety..I hope you get over of what happened today and never remember it for a long time! I just wanna see you happy! I know I'm not over him yet!!! but its okay! Love ia a unique thing that happens to everybody and its a gift!!!! I love you and take it easy!!

I Love You,

<3 Sara Cristina..xOx0*

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and all the feelings that I thought were gone, came rushin back to me at once.. [19 Feb 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | =) ]

Well maybe i should update....

My week has been okay i guess last night was the best night though!!

Friday- Well went to school then volleyball and we didnt do nothing but pass the ball and dance =) lol it was fun... i came home and i cleaned the house a lil and then got ready and fixed my hair n shit then i went to mirandas <3 and we went skating...i saw alotta ppl there like..sarah britt sidney nate KAITEY!! justin marcus marty jeff nathan shayleen kelsey(my lil sis) jeay kenny and a bunch more.. well me and miranda left at liek 11:30 and we went to her house and i stayed the night with her...we went online till like 2:15 then we went and watched dvds and fell asleep

Today- We woke up at 10 and we went online and talked to people and then at 11 my mom came to get me bc i had to bowl today but before we went bowling we went to my grandmas! MY COUSIN HAD HER BABY LAST NIGHT!! i cant wait to see it!! wel then we went bowling i bowled a 190-105-141 i beat joey the first game but he beat me the last to games..we fooled around alot today! well now im just sitting here being bored waiting for my mom and dad to go out to dinner and the movcies then i might go over to Elises and stay the night! I LOVE THAT GIRL SO MUCH!

well im outie..<3


x0Ashley Nichole0x

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heartbroken </3... [12 Feb 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | really really really upset ]

well all i have ot say is that im very heart broken and i will never forget all the memories we had together </3 i still love him no matter what!! 1*31*05 - 2*12*05 i hate crying bc it gives me a headache =( ill miss him! he broke my heart not once but twice...

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The happiest moments weren't complete if you weren't by my side. <3 [09 Feb 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | Hyper <3 =) ]

hey my loves whats goin on?!? nothnig much here.. well so far my week has been okay

Monday* went to school and i was very sick had a volley ball game against lanse cruse central and we lost... but we almost won the third game..i came home and ate and then called jeff <3 talked to him for a while then did my HW didnt have a lot even tho i didnt go to school friday

Tuesday* did nothing at all i was still real sick but i still went to school had practice till 430 then after practice sara came over and we hung out for a lil and she did her HW and at like 6-630 jeff came over at liek 8 saras mom came and got her =( i wish she could have stayed longer...me jeff n my mommy watched american idol...i dont really like that show but my mom and jeff wanted to watch it so i had no choice..=/ but then at 830 me and my mom took him home and he wanted my mom to meet his mom and dad but his mo was in the shower so next time i go over there shes gonna meet him but his dad wanted to meet her but we had already left....oops he called me at liek 845 and we talked till 930 and then his mom used the phone and he fell asleep..but elise called me at like 10 so it was all good and then she called mine 3-way so we talked till 1130 then i went to bed

Today* didnt really do anything at school but i was HYPER =) lol mikey told me in 5th hour calm down no more suckers for you! lol i was like okay dad...=) it was hilarious but then i had practice till 430 we did a lot of running today then i came home and i called jeff but he was at tads and when he got home he called me back and then we talked till 530 and he went to take a nap but he was asleep for 2 hrs..he called me when he woke up and was yellin at me tellin me to clean my room and i was like are you my new mom and hes like yeah go clean your room!" i was like haha no now im just sittin here bein bored about to go to bed so ill write later

I Love You Jeff <3

I LOVE YOU SHANNON SARA MIRANDA VAGINIA<3 LOL EMILY ALEX AMY..and yeah idk anymore if i forgot you tell me

x0Ashley Nichole0x


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Fill It Out PLease <3 [05 Feb 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | geez im tired! ]

Dear Ashley,

You are really _____.
You should _____.
We need to go _____.
After that we can _____.
Remember that time we _____?
That was real _____.
Maybe tomorrow we can _____.
You are my _____.
I _____ you!
P.S. _____.

Signed Your _____,

<3 please fill this out <3

Jeff <3

11 Wish It Worked

[04 Feb 2005|06:48pm]
[ mood | =/grr i hate bein sick ]

i redid my LJ today....let me know what you think ;)

i didnt go to school today bc im sick...im gettin a fever again and i just got rid of my other one!! i hate bein sick!and today vagina was in a good mood and i wasnt there :( hopefully shes in a good mood monday :)

well im gonna go lay down and talk to jeff on the phone =)

Ashley Nichole <3

I Love Jeff...<3

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my lifes goin good...=) [01 Feb 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | I Love Him.. <3 ]

wow i havent updated in a while...so heres whats you missed... (my weekend)

friday- went ot school came home pre-bowled and then went skating had a blast saw justin marty rachel leah miranda dezzy elise kevin mike tad jeff valerie nathan and a bunck more ppl but yeah i forgot

saturday-woke up at 930 and went over my aunts house..we went out to eat at bob evans :) love that place lol but then we went bowling went and stayed i stayed with dezire kevin david and this girl shannon umm left at like 230 and then went over my grandams and when i got home ashlei came over till 930 and then i went and stayed the night with her at her dads we stayed up till like 130-2

sunday- woke up came home at like 2 and then cleand up the house bc at 330 elise and sara come over :) and then at like 345 we walked to the end of my street and got jeff <3 umm we had alot of fun not gona get into details but at 450 sabrina came over and yeah then at 6 saras mom came and got her and elise bit jeff and sabrina stayed here and onceagain im nnot gonan get into details about what happend but at 730 he left :( but thenn i had to babysit oh fun fun but yeah then jeff called...talked to him till 1030 or so hten went to bed

monday-went to school and then after school went to the basketball game ha a blast but some people were pissing me off not gonnaay any names kristina!! but yeah then sara came over and we she actually didn't have any homework!! then her maja came, sara asked if i could stay the night and so i did! YAY! and then we didn't fall asleep till like 11:00 or so cuz we were talking about things and life!

today-woke up at like 630 then didnt do nothing in school besides hear shit about meap and then took meap i hated gym bc we had 2 run for 10 mins bc we wasted 5 mins of her time yesterday...wtf??? but then at volleyball we had to run 17 mins bc we missed 17 serves friday that was so gay but i got threw it actually volleyball wasnt that hard today but after volleyball sara came over and now were sittin here well im outie shoutie

Ashley Nichole <3

67% of americans say "I LOVE YOU" to someone everyday. Yet only 20% mean it!

I Love Him...1*31*05

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<3 In Love <3 [30 Jan 2005|08:34pm]
[ mood | <3 ]

I ____ Ashley.
Ashley is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Ashley I would ____.
I think Ashley should ____.
Ashley needs ____.
Ashley will never ____.
Ashley can ____ my ____.
When I think about Ashley, I ____.
Ashley tastes like ____.
I wanna see Ashley in ____.
Ashley looks like ____.
If I could make up a nickname for Ashley, it would be ____.
A food item that reminds me of Ashley is ____.
A song that reminds me of Ashley is ____.
Ashley has nice ____.
Ashley is a ____oholic.
I want to give Ashley ____.
Ashley smells like ____.
Ashley has ____ (good/bad) fashion taste.
My thoughts about Ashley are ____.

Fill It Out If You Love Me <3

Ashley Nichole <3

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[27 Jan 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | hMmMmMm ]

Okay i have a question for everyone..

Tell The TRUTH!

what do you HONESTLY think of me?

I dont care if its bad or good i just wanna know..Thank You.

Leave It In The Comments

Ashley Nichole <3

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[26 Jan 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | ughhh ]

well how does everyone like my new LJ thanx to amanda it looks HOT!! lol thanx amanda <33 lol well let me know what you think

Ashley Nichole <3

I Give Up...

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